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2016-07-15 09:13 am

Joe/Ahim smut with photography and femdom and who knows what else 8D

Joe holds the camera on his lap and glances down at it suspiciously. Gai had given it to him to try out - is there an Earth hobby Gai doesn't indulge in? - but Joe isn't really sure what to take pictures of.

Until Ahim enters the room.

She isn't doing anything different to her usual, bringing a silver platter out to the table with a teapot and tea cups on it. A little plate of cookies too. But when you think of a princess you don't think of someone who carries their own tea to the table. No matter how gracefully she does it, with royal bearing, and her arm extended just so.

That is the sort of thing that requires capturing in a photograph. Joe is no artist but he'll do his best.

Tentatively he lifts the camera and attempts to take a snap.

Okay so he's off-centre. A lot. He might have been a little worried about Ahim noticing what he was doing.

But she's setting the cups out around the table and the frills of her pretty dress frame her wrists so well.

He shouldn't be embarrassed to notice such small details about the person he cares so much about. But it feels somehow voyeuristic.

Perhaps she hasn't noticed because she was raised with the knowledge that eyes would be on her at all times. She's had such a different life to him. Up until they became crewmates. Joe can't possibly conceive of what she's lived through. And what she's survived.

Ahim is the strongest person he knows. It isn't just that she's survived; they've all survived the Zangyack in one way or another. It's that she's stayed gracious and sweet even so. He and Luka are cynical, Marvelous is bitter. Ahim is... Radiant.

He dares to take another picture of her; eyes lowered to her task, lashes thick and dark on her cheeks. She's smiling absently. Joe's chest tightens.
2012-10-03 11:23 am

Catboy!AU: Cuddles are the Best Medicine, Part 3

[ooc: continued from here.]


Joe doesn't like him. For a start Sid greets him by saying, "Marvelous," and if that's his name, well. Joe just stares blankly.

Secondly he has to keep at the forefront of his mind that there could be the possiblity of abuse here, so he can't be swayed by that look of relief on this Marvelous's face when they appear at his front door. And there's also the way he can't seem to resist giving Sid a quick once over despite the situation, unthinking like a reflex. Joe can't really like anyone who looks at Sid the way he looks at Sid; with want. A prickle runs down his spine, and he's thankful nobody can see the way his hair stands up on end beneath his shirt. It isn't entirely fair of him to get all territorial about this, not when things between him and Sid are... complicated. And especially not right now when he has a job to do! So Joe reminds himself calmly that yes, maybe Marvelous is exuding that faint but persistent human sex musk under his cloying aftershave (okay, it isn't really that cloying - living with a catperson there's no way he could lay it on too thickly without them likely having respiratory issues in response), but Sid not only isn't himself, he hasn't even seemed to notice Marvelous eyeing him up.

It's not important right now. Joe nods shortly as Sid introduces him and lets Sid handle all the talking. Of course it will be better to hear from this catperson - Don - himself his version of events, but Sid likes to scope out the situation as much as possible so that he's prepared. Especially since he won't be approaching Don straight away.

Sid then explains again to Marvelous the purpose of Joe's presence here, and Joe can feel the prickle of his fur rising up again as he waits for Marvelous's response. He hasn't been able to completely discard the natural instinct just because he's met a few nice humans at the clinic. Marvelous looks over at him, but Joe can't actually read his expression. It isn't outright disapproving, but perhaps he's just good at hiding that.

"Have you got a problem with it?" Joe asks, trying to sound blank instead of confrontational - that wouldn't help at all.

"No, I just don't know if he'll like it," Marvelous says. He does actually look quite concerned. Which just goes to show how little he actually knows about catpeople. Joe feels sorry for him, briefly, but it passes.

"I'll be careful," Joe promises. He shares a silent nod with Sid before entering the main room of the house properly on his own.

There's a golden-haired purebred sitting on the sofa with his foot propped up in front him, staring at him wide-eyed. Joe stuffs down all the potential ways he could judge Marvelous for having a purebred for further examination later on. Joe has grown up hearing plenty about purebreds, but he's never met one, and he's fairly sure none of the catpeople he was brought up with had either, so everything he's ever learnt about them could all be the stuff of rumours. And it could just as easily be true.

He hangs right back at first, leaving plenty of distance between himself and Don so as not to seem to be flagrantly invading his territory. Don's scent is all over the house - not that Joe is able to pinpoint it in every room, but the fact that his scent isn't restricted at all means he isn't either. Some catpeople in his experience have been confined to certain areas of the house, though that isn't always a sign of abuse, sometimes it's just a standing arrangement that works for everyone involved.

A minute or two is more than long enough for Don to catch his scent - he doesn't even need a full minute for that in reality. Joe moves towards him with a steady pace, not rushing. He thinks he can see Don trembling as he approaches, but if he is in fear of what might happen then Joe hesitating over this will only put it off longer. He knows his ears and tail are visibly held in non-threatening positions, too, which should help.

Joe glances briefly at Don's ankle, then takes a seat at one end of the sofa, leaving plenty of space between himself and Don. Between humans who don't know one another (or between humans and catpeople), initiating physical contact this quickly is an action limited to and only acceptable in very particular social situations. Between catpeople it's a different story. Joe has no concerns about bridging the gap between himself and Don by laying his tail across Don's thigh and letting it move back and forth lightly at the end.

Joe doesn't say things like, you can trust me, because if anyone is to believe that they don't need to be told it outright. He doesn't even introduce himself, or say anything yet. He just looks at Don openly as he gives Don a chance to decide what he'll make of this. It's fairly instinctive for catpeople to reach out for the comfort of another, but some really are too suspicious and have suffered too much mistreatment for that, and Joe doesn't like to make assumptions.
2012-09-16 11:17 am

Catboy!AU: Cuddles are the Best Medicine, Part 2

[ooc: continued from here.]


When Joe walks back into Sid's office from reception Sid is still in the adjoining room clearing up the counter just beside the reclining bed. Joe knows that the first thing Sid is going to ask is, "who is next?", so he cuts in first as he walks through the open door. 

"It's lunchtime," he says. And before Sid can open his mouth to protest, he adds, "there are no walk-ins waiting at the moment; everyone out there has a scheduled appointment. It's time to eat."

It's not even that Sid means to neglect his body's need for food - he would never do himself any purposeful damage. He just gets too carried away at the surgery sometimes - helping people in need - to think about eating. Joe doesn't mind having taken up the responsibility to make sure that Sid looks after himself when he should. George has always tried his best, but his bossiness tends to melt in front of Sid, and he can't help but agree, "yes, maybe just this next one before you stop, Doctor Sid. I think he really needs your help."

And it isn't like Joe doesn't have any compassion; he knows a lot of the catpeople who come to the surgery are in desperate need of help. But his priority is to make sure Sid stays fit enough to be able to keep on helping them all. And right now there really is nothing pressing, nothing that can't wait until the appointed doctor gets to it. 

He gets out the sandwiches for lunch, ("I'll make them," they both always seem to offer at exactly the same time in the morning; Sid always solves the problem by suggesting they do it together) and sets them on Sid's desk in front of each seat. 

"Is there anything else that needs to be cleaned up?" Joe asks before he even thinks to sit down and start eating. It's one thing to keep Sid from overworking himself, and another for there to be actual health and hygiene reasons for him not to have stopped and sat down yet. But if there is anything, they can do it together and it won't take anywhere near as long to complete. 
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2012-08-06 03:57 pm

CHAT LOG: Catboy!AU: Kitty Cuddles

Sid doesn't exactly shoo Joe out of the kitchen, he just makes a gentle comment to the effect that Don probably would appreciate the company in the living room a lot more than Sid needs the help in the kitchen, and Joe can't argue with that - it was just second nature for him to get up and help, but if he stops to think about it of course leaving your guest alone isn't right either. Don is always so happy to have an excuse to spend time with the two of them, and yet he can't entirely hide that folorn look on his face that says, 'I miss Marvelous already'. Joe doesn't get it, not at all, but he doesn't have to. He walks over to where Don sits and places a hand on his head softly before sitting down beside him, encouraging him to tilt his head and rest it on Joe's shoulder. He doesn't have to say anything, either.

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2012-03-27 10:03 pm

[Doppelgangland] CLOSED THREAD: Joe-Sid-Ahim, introductions and tea.

[Joe gets up off of the bed when he hears the knock on his bedroom door. It's around lunchtime on the Galleon, and that means Hakase has dished up something for Joe, and Sid-sempai too, just in case. He's been doing that for the past few days at every meal, and Joe always makes sure to thank him, and apologize for the one still-full plate from the last meal, and his own plate only barely picked at.

Today it won't be like that. Today Sid-sempai is awake, and he will be hungry, and thanks to that Joe can finally face food again too.

Joe opens the door and comes face to face with Ahim, which startles him, but he keeps his expression shuttered. Hakase brings the food himself usually, but Joe supposes he might be busy. It would be like Ahim to offer to bring it instead, if that were the case.]


[Joe holds out his hands to take the tray, suspecting that Ahim isn't going to let him get away with that. If she's curious about Sid-sempai he can't really blame her for it. Joe has been highly protective of Sid-sempai ever since they got him aboard the Galleon. It's not like the crew haven't all seen him, they just haven't spoken to him yet, any of them. He hadn't been awake properly until now.

Perhaps Marvelous, as the captain, should have been introduced first, but Joe decides if it is going to be anyone he would rather it was Ahim. She's gentle, tactful, soft-spoken. She has an ability to make people feel at ease immediately. Joe would definitely much rather it was her.

He looks down at the tray properly for the first time, because it's easier than admitting he actually wouldn't mind if she wanted to come in, and notices the pot of tea and cups he didn't see before alongside the food.]

You made tea?

[The gestures touches him; Ahim was at his side the moment Sid-sempai woke up, and now she has prepared something for him all by herself. Joe's not actually sure what Sid-sempai will make of Earth tea, but he will appreciate the fact that she did it for him nonetheless, so it's not a problem.

He really can't not let her in now.

Joe steps back awkwardly, pulling the door open wider so that Ahim will be able to get through with the tray in hand. He turns to look Sid's way.]

Sempai, this is Ahim. Princess Ahim de Famille, of the planet Famille. Her home planet was destroyed... by the Zangyack.

[Joe takes no responsibility for anything the Zangyack do now, or ever did. Not anymore, not knowing that he refused his first ever official orders. He was never complicit in anything they did.

He's not sure Sid-sempai will feel the same way. He's not even sure he should have revealed all of that about Ahim so quickly, but it's important; who she is is important, and he wants Sid to know that. He wants Ahim to know she can trust Sid with this knowledge, too. And most of all he wants to be able to imply these things without actually having to say them.]

Ahim, this is Sid-sempai.

[In contrast, Sid-sempai requires very little introduction. Ahim has been there for so much of what happened, right beside Joe. She's aware of a lot more about Joe's close friendship with his sempai than he would've chosen to share voluntarily.

He knows she will remember, though, that yesterday when Marvelous had enquired after Sid since waking Joe had admitted to them all that Sid couldn't see.

Joe waits for her to step right into the room so that he can shut the door behind Ahim. There is a chair beside his bed that the crew all know full well he hasn't been using because he has been perched on the edge of his bed the entire time, so she has a spot of her own to sit in comfortably.

Joe feels his stomach twist suddenly. It seemed like a smart idea when he first thought about it, but now that he has the two most important people to him in the same room at the same time and about to talk to each other he can't help but panic. It's irrational to think such a thing, but what if for some reason they don't like one another?]
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2011-12-26 01:08 pm

(pre-canon, Zangyack!Joe)

(ooc ; saving this here for later. Set during EP11 flashback?)


[The Zangyack don't pull any punches, Joe discovers quickly.

He's grimly pleased about it; never mind that they've been led to believe he's older than he is actually is (otherwise they never would have let him sign up alongside Sid-sempai), and therefore have no sympathy for him being smaller than everyone else. If anything they seem to punish him for it, work him harder.

It's because he's going to have to fight back harder against taller, strong opponents. They're trying to help him.

None of them have ever actually said that to him - the Gormin barely even talk after all. It's Sid-sempai who has been justifying their actions, helping Joe to understand.

It's why Joe grits his teeth and takes the blows, even when it's three, four, five on one. It's why he ducks and dives and evades until he is so tired he can't anymore.

They leave him there - as they should. Weakness can't be tolerated. Sympathy for anyone will get you killed in battle.

Weakness isn't a fatal flaw. Sympathy for people is the key to understanding.

Because the Zangyack only ever imply and don't outright say anything it's easier not to think about how much Sid-sempai's advice often conflicts with their teachings.

Joe knows the words he'd rather live by.

...He also knows the words that are more likely to keep him alive right now.]
2011-11-22 01:54 pm

(log; pre-canon: meeting Sid-Sempai)

[It's still a little while before school lets out, so Joe doesn't have to leave his spot by the river just yet. Once the other kids start passing by he will get up, sling his bag over his shoulder and trudge home like he was there all day, even though he's been skipping for three weeks now.

When he first started doing it he just stayed at home and refused to go. His stepfather didn't care, but said he'd have to help out with his half-siblings if he was going to be a good-for-nothing drop-out.

That wasn't even an option. The oldest one is only eight cycles, to Joe's thirteen, and so still practically a baby. The newest one is barely home from the medical centre his mother went into a few weeks ago, and there are four others in between.

They all think he's strange. They all look at him funny, with his dark hair and different features. Joe has started growing his hair out on purpose, wearing it with pride.

It doesn't always make him feel better.

Joe's too old to cry, but he can't help it. Sometimes he just wants his mother back, all to himself. Sometimes he just wants a hug, without a smelly baby in the way, or someone crying and demanding her attention instead. He's sick of being told to grow up and be a man, because they all just say it, but nobody will show him how.

He doesn't fit in at home. He doesn't fit in at school. He's pretty sure life is always going to be this way, and when tears track down his cheeks it's far too late to stop them.

He grabs a handful of grass and pulls it up by the roots, clenching it in his fist until it is crushed beneath his fingers. He'll be okay by the time he goes home. This is normal.]
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2011-11-16 07:38 am
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[Writer's Block] What a wonderful word

Q: What is your favorite word, and why? 

A: "Silence."

[Looks pointedly over to where Luka has Don in a headlock and Don is squealing and flailing.]

[And to Marv choking the life out of Navi, as if it is going to provoke a new navigation out of her.]

[...Ahim is an exception. Joe doesn't look over at her. In fact, he does his best not to look over there... Where Ahim is sitting drinking tea pleasantly in blissful, sweet silence.]