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(pre-canon, Zangyack!Joe)

(ooc ; saving this here for later. Set during EP11 flashback?)


[The Zangyack don't pull any punches, Joe discovers quickly.

He's grimly pleased about it; never mind that they've been led to believe he's older than he is actually is (otherwise they never would have let him sign up alongside Sid-sempai), and therefore have no sympathy for him being smaller than everyone else. If anything they seem to punish him for it, work him harder.

It's because he's going to have to fight back harder against taller, strong opponents. They're trying to help him.

None of them have ever actually said that to him - the Gormin barely even talk after all. It's Sid-sempai who has been justifying their actions, helping Joe to understand.

It's why Joe grits his teeth and takes the blows, even when it's three, four, five on one. It's why he ducks and dives and evades until he is so tired he can't anymore.

They leave him there - as they should. Weakness can't be tolerated. Sympathy for anyone will get you killed in battle.

Weakness isn't a fatal flaw. Sympathy for people is the key to understanding.

Because the Zangyack only ever imply and don't outright say anything it's easier not to think about how much Sid-sempai's advice often conflicts with their teachings.

Joe knows the words he'd rather live by.

...He also knows the words that are more likely to keep him alive right now.]
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ooc; because I can't resist commenting

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Oh Joe. You and Sid break my heart so good.
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Re: ooc; because I can't resist commenting

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IKR? Thank goodness Ahime will be there to add sweetness and light <3