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Joe/Ahim smut with photography and femdom and who knows what else 8D

Joe holds the camera on his lap and glances down at it suspiciously. Gai had given it to him to try out - is there an Earth hobby Gai doesn't indulge in? - but Joe isn't really sure what to take pictures of.

Until Ahim enters the room.

She isn't doing anything different to her usual, bringing a silver platter out to the table with a teapot and tea cups on it. A little plate of cookies too. But when you think of a princess you don't think of someone who carries their own tea to the table. No matter how gracefully she does it, with royal bearing, and her arm extended just so.

That is the sort of thing that requires capturing in a photograph. Joe is no artist but he'll do his best.

Tentatively he lifts the camera and attempts to take a snap.

Okay so he's off-centre. A lot. He might have been a little worried about Ahim noticing what he was doing.

But she's setting the cups out around the table and the frills of her pretty dress frame her wrists so well.

He shouldn't be embarrassed to notice such small details about the person he cares so much about. But it feels somehow voyeuristic.

Perhaps she hasn't noticed because she was raised with the knowledge that eyes would be on her at all times. She's had such a different life to him. Up until they became crewmates. Joe can't possibly conceive of what she's lived through. And what she's survived.

Ahim is the strongest person he knows. It isn't just that she's survived; they've all survived the Zangyack in one way or another. It's that she's stayed gracious and sweet even so. He and Luka are cynical, Marvelous is bitter. Ahim is... Radiant.

He dares to take another picture of her; eyes lowered to her task, lashes thick and dark on her cheeks. She's smiling absently. Joe's chest tightens.
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It definitely wasn't that she hadn't noticed the camera. There was a lot more than just being raised in the eyes of everyone, it was also to be trained to ensure that she would always look the part of her role. It wouldn't do for one image of her to be released that showed her family in the wrong light.

Without letting him catch on that she had noticed the camera and the soft shutter sounds, Ahim had angled herself just slightly to give him the image he wanted. Although the very soft smile on her face may give it away slightly.

A smile that she would only be able to have around a certain soldier on the Galleon. Ahim had many smiles for many occasions but there was one specific smile that she saved and she wondered if he had ever noticed.

Once all of the silverware was also laid out just in the right position, she does straighten herself slightly, perhaps signalling to him that she was about to turn around and speak to him. Give him a chance to make the preparations that he wanted to make so she didn't catch him off guard.

Not too badly, anyway.
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The original plan was definitely to call everybody together and gather them around for some snacks and an afternoon refreshment but there may be some other plans on the horizon for now. Well, especially since she's noticed the new toy that Joe's picked up.

Also since he may have missed out on seeing certain things that one time she dressed up. It was for a mission, that definitely didn't count towards anything.

She's taken the few steps to get closer to him now, her hands clasped lightly in front of her and her bright smile. Tea time can wait for now, there was something more interesting at play. "Joe-san, are you busy today?"
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She laughs playfully and covers her mouth with one of her hands just slightly as she does so. "I was hoping you would like to keep me company today. There's something fun I wanted to try out."

And your new toy will come in handy.

Ahim keeps her expression light and cheerful. Inside her heart was beating faster than normal. She was about to invite him into her room and although he has never let on his feelings she had a faint idea. Hopefully, she was right. At the very worst, if she was wrong, things were going to get awkward for a while.
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The admission made her laugh again, her smile wide. He was so very adorable and she was so glad that he accepted her invitation. Perhaps, she was correct about his feelings after all.

At this point, Ahim would reach out to him and slowly tug him along behind her to her room but that may have been a little too forward of her so she's instead just turned away from him a little and looked towards where the resting quarters were.

"I was actually hoping you'd taken enough test shots to get used to the camera so that you could help me out with another little project." Her smile was rather innocent, specially considering some of the things she had in mind.
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She's smiling a little wider than normal but trying to keep herself in check. A princess has appearances to keep up after all and she nods the answer to his question. If only he knew the project that she was aiming for he would definitely know that she wouldn't be asking Gai.

He'll know soon enough though as she walks ahead of him and leads him directly towards her own room. Ahim peeks back at him with a slightly more mischievous grin now. "Yes, I'll need your help in here."

And she's stepped into her bedroom and off to the side to let him follow her in. Hopefully, he's interested in her little project.
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He imagined rather correctly with the pink, the frills, the princess elegance and something maybe he didn't quite imagine were a few small pirate clothed teddy bears sitting on her bed. Little toys that she had picked up during her exploration of Earth.

She had thought they would make a cute addition to her room and they did. Adding a nice air of innocence to someone that wasn't quite as such.

After Joe had entered sufficiently into the room, she closes the door quietly behind him and quietly turns the lock with a sleight of hand that maybe he wouldn't notice. Or maybe he did. It didn't matter.

"Joe-san, I was wondering..."
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I only he could think a little bit more closer about the situation and uncover the reason why she didn't want anybody walking into her bedroom and the two of them together. She leans back on the door and smiles at him in her usual innocent manner.

"I was wondering if you'd like to take a few more photos of me."

Perhaps he needed a little more of a cue than that but she was going to wait and see if he picked up any of her more subtle hints. If not, she was going to go into her wardrobe and pick out one of the outfits she had already worn the other day. The nurse? The police officer, perhaps?
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That does actually get a small laugh out of her and she's covering her mouth to try and at least stay a little polite at this point. He's being so careful about his reactions. She sometimes forgets that perhaps he holds her a little higher in regards to the other due to her background.

At this point she's just one of the pirates like everybody else even though her demeanor might not suggest as much. Ahim walks over to him and her smile goes from the innocent princess to a slightly more teasing grin.

"The other day, you were busy fixing up the Galleon while Gai and I were attempting to lure in the enemy. Was there anything in particular you had wanted to see?"
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He was certainly the most adorable member of the crew to her. She wondered if he noticed that sometimes she would only watch him as he wandered his way around the galleon and worked on his sit ups or his push ups. Or that she would hide her expression with a cup of tea sometimes as she talked to him just so he wouldn't notice the slightly different smile she may have had.

Very not princess like or demure. Her tutors at home would definitely have raised a stern finger at her for it. Ahim was definitely letting her guard down around the crew.

Or maybe just letting her guard down around him. She would have to figure that one out in due time.

"Would it be forward of me perhaps to admit that I may have preferred you to be standing at the altar in his place that day?" It wasn't a proposal by any means but more of a hint that she would have liked to have seen him dressed up that way and standing beside her in that particular battle.
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She's hiding the lower portion of her face behind her hand now, her usual trick to hide that smile that she knows she has. The one when Joe is being cute and sweet. That very same smile she had when she first started falling for him. Ahim has had her fair share of suitors. The ones that were trained to please a princess; those well rehearsed lines and reactions.

Joe was pure. This is definitely what has attracted her to him. Instead of drawing attention to what he had just said though, she's going to ask him another question instead.

"Do you know the reason why I would have preferred to have you, Joe-san?"
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His responses are very adorable and it's really taking all of her effort to not move right over to him right now and kiss him. She does keep her position, however and shakes her head a little in response. His answer did make sense, though. If Joe were there, they probably would have finished off that enemy much quicker.

Rather than correct him though, she's now making her way to her armoire and opening it just slightly. "Would you prefer to attempt another answer to my question or select and outfit that you wish to see again?" Her smile was definitely a little more adventurous now.