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July 15th, 2016

ajoeface: (cake/tea)
Friday, July 15th, 2016 09:13 am
Joe holds the camera on his lap and glances down at it suspiciously. Gai had given it to him to try out - is there an Earth hobby Gai doesn't indulge in? - but Joe isn't really sure what to take pictures of.

Until Ahim enters the room.

She isn't doing anything different to her usual, bringing a silver platter out to the table with a teapot and tea cups on it. A little plate of cookies too. But when you think of a princess you don't think of someone who carries their own tea to the table. No matter how gracefully she does it, with royal bearing, and her arm extended just so.

That is the sort of thing that requires capturing in a photograph. Joe is no artist but he'll do his best.

Tentatively he lifts the camera and attempts to take a snap.

Okay so he's off-centre. A lot. He might have been a little worried about Ahim noticing what he was doing.

But she's setting the cups out around the table and the frills of her pretty dress frame her wrists so well.

He shouldn't be embarrassed to notice such small details about the person he cares so much about. But it feels somehow voyeuristic.

Perhaps she hasn't noticed because she was raised with the knowledge that eyes would be on her at all times. She's had such a different life to him. Up until they became crewmates. Joe can't possibly conceive of what she's lived through. And what she's survived.

Ahim is the strongest person he knows. It isn't just that she's survived; they've all survived the Zangyack in one way or another. It's that she's stayed gracious and sweet even so. He and Luka are cynical, Marvelous is bitter. Ahim is... Radiant.

He dares to take another picture of her; eyes lowered to her task, lashes thick and dark on her cheeks. She's smiling absently. Joe's chest tightens.