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Catboy!AU: Cuddles are the Best Medicine, Part 3

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Joe doesn't like him. For a start Sid greets him by saying, "Marvelous," and if that's his name, well. Joe just stares blankly.

Secondly he has to keep at the forefront of his mind that there could be the possiblity of abuse here, so he can't be swayed by that look of relief on this Marvelous's face when they appear at his front door. And there's also the way he can't seem to resist giving Sid a quick once over despite the situation, unthinking like a reflex. Joe can't really like anyone who looks at Sid the way he looks at Sid; with want. A prickle runs down his spine, and he's thankful nobody can see the way his hair stands up on end beneath his shirt. It isn't entirely fair of him to get all territorial about this, not when things between him and Sid are... complicated. And especially not right now when he has a job to do! So Joe reminds himself calmly that yes, maybe Marvelous is exuding that faint but persistent human sex musk under his cloying aftershave (okay, it isn't really that cloying - living with a catperson there's no way he could lay it on too thickly without them likely having respiratory issues in response), but Sid not only isn't himself, he hasn't even seemed to notice Marvelous eyeing him up.

It's not important right now. Joe nods shortly as Sid introduces him and lets Sid handle all the talking. Of course it will be better to hear from this catperson - Don - himself his version of events, but Sid likes to scope out the situation as much as possible so that he's prepared. Especially since he won't be approaching Don straight away.

Sid then explains again to Marvelous the purpose of Joe's presence here, and Joe can feel the prickle of his fur rising up again as he waits for Marvelous's response. He hasn't been able to completely discard the natural instinct just because he's met a few nice humans at the clinic. Marvelous looks over at him, but Joe can't actually read his expression. It isn't outright disapproving, but perhaps he's just good at hiding that.

"Have you got a problem with it?" Joe asks, trying to sound blank instead of confrontational - that wouldn't help at all.

"No, I just don't know if he'll like it," Marvelous says. He does actually look quite concerned. Which just goes to show how little he actually knows about catpeople. Joe feels sorry for him, briefly, but it passes.

"I'll be careful," Joe promises. He shares a silent nod with Sid before entering the main room of the house properly on his own.

There's a golden-haired purebred sitting on the sofa with his foot propped up in front him, staring at him wide-eyed. Joe stuffs down all the potential ways he could judge Marvelous for having a purebred for further examination later on. Joe has grown up hearing plenty about purebreds, but he's never met one, and he's fairly sure none of the catpeople he was brought up with had either, so everything he's ever learnt about them could all be the stuff of rumours. And it could just as easily be true.

He hangs right back at first, leaving plenty of distance between himself and Don so as not to seem to be flagrantly invading his territory. Don's scent is all over the house - not that Joe is able to pinpoint it in every room, but the fact that his scent isn't restricted at all means he isn't either. Some catpeople in his experience have been confined to certain areas of the house, though that isn't always a sign of abuse, sometimes it's just a standing arrangement that works for everyone involved.

A minute or two is more than long enough for Don to catch his scent - he doesn't even need a full minute for that in reality. Joe moves towards him with a steady pace, not rushing. He thinks he can see Don trembling as he approaches, but if he is in fear of what might happen then Joe hesitating over this will only put it off longer. He knows his ears and tail are visibly held in non-threatening positions, too, which should help.

Joe glances briefly at Don's ankle, then takes a seat at one end of the sofa, leaving plenty of space between himself and Don. Between humans who don't know one another (or between humans and catpeople), initiating physical contact this quickly is an action limited to and only acceptable in very particular social situations. Between catpeople it's a different story. Joe has no concerns about bridging the gap between himself and Don by laying his tail across Don's thigh and letting it move back and forth lightly at the end.

Joe doesn't say things like, you can trust me, because if anyone is to believe that they don't need to be told it outright. He doesn't even introduce himself, or say anything yet. He just looks at Don openly as he gives Don a chance to decide what he'll make of this. It's fairly instinctive for catpeople to reach out for the comfort of another, but some really are too suspicious and have suffered too much mistreatment for that, and Joe doesn't like to make assumptions.
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Don jumps a little when the doorbell rings, his instincts telling him to hide but his injury keeping him from being able to. Marvelous takes a moment to comfort him with a gentle hand in his hair and a promise that everything will be alright before he gets up to answer the door. Even as much as Don trusts Marvelous, he still can’t help being afraid.

It’s okay, he tries to reassure himself, Marvelous is here, he won’t let anything bad happen. If he trusts the doctor, then you can too.

But he’s been in so many scary situations that he can’t completely keep himself from being scared, even knowing that Marvelous is here to protect him. He’s hurt, and there’s a strange human here. It’s only natural for him to be scared.

After a moment he hears footsteps approaching, and hunches in on himself a little, his heart pounding as he tries to brace himself. But the person who comes in first isn’t the doctor, or even Marvelous.

It’s another catboy.

Marvelous had said something about that, when he’d gotten off the phone earlier, but he’d mentioned it so briefly and Don had been so caught up in his pain and his fears that it had barely registered. It’s almost a surprise, though it shouldn’t be.

The other catboy doesn’t move for a minute, just stands there and lets Don look at him. He’s big, taller than Don with broad shoulders and strong muscles, but his posture isn’t threatening at all. He’s very clean and well-groomed, with long black hair tied back and sleek fur on his ears and tail. From his body language, he looks curious and friendly, the tip of his tail twitching with interest. And when Don catches his scent, he doesn’t detect any malice or deceit, just kindness and an earnest desire to help.

Don’s ears twitch up slightly, his curiosity piqued, though he still trembles a little as the catboy approaches him. He hasn’t been around another catperson in a long time (the other ones who were at the store when he and Marvelous went out to buy clothes didn’t count; they weren’t trying to interact with Don), and he’s just not sure what to make of this catboy yet. But it’s so nice to be around the familiar, easy to read scent of another catperson, to not have to puzzle over his intentions like with humans. It’s relaxing.

The catboy sits down on the couch beside Don and gives Don a moment to get used to his presence before laying his tail over Don’s thigh, stroking softly back and forth. A soft noise slips out of Don’s throat. He’d forgotten how nice it could feel to have physical contact with another catperson, even as small a gesture as this. It’s like some little long-neglected part of him is opening up again, a need that’s gone unfulfilled for so long that he’d forgotten about it, and now that he’s been reminded of it, it’s overwhelming. Instantly he wants to touch the other catboy back.

Don reaches down to stroke the other boy’s tail with the back of his hand. His fur is smooth and cool - in spite of the length of his ponytail, he’s a shorthair. It’s just a little touch, but Don feels a lump forming in his throat at just how good it feels to touch another catperson again after so long. He moves his own tail to let it brush down the length of the other catboy’s arm, and looks up at him curiously.

“W-what’s your name?” he asks, still petting the other boy’s tail.
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Don smiles a little when Joe promises to come back for the check-up. He feels that much braver just knowing he’ll get to see Joe again, that he won’t have to go it alone. Not that he’d be alone, exactly, with Marvelous there, and it’s not that Doctor Sid hasn’t been kind and gentle to him, but the whole situation is so much less scary with another catboy there to reassure him that there’s nothing to be afraid of, and everything is going to be alright. Don leans over to nuzzle Joe’s shoulder for a moment. “Thank you,” he says.

He straightens back up and looks at Doctor Sid, and takes a deep breath before speaking again. “You can do the bandaging now, I-I’m ready.”

Doctor Sid smiles warmly at him. “Alright,” he says. “You’re doing really well, Don. It’ll be all done in a minute.” He opens his white medical supply box and takes out a roll of white bandaging. “I’m going to wrap it a little tight, so that it’ll stabilize your ankle properly, but if it feels too tight and you’re uncomfortable, please tell me.” He starts to wrap the bandaging around Don’s foot, slowly working his way up toward Don’s ankle. It doesn’t hurt, exactly, but Don can feel the pressure of it, and he clings to Joe and Marvelous again as it’s applied. “Do you have any allergies to medicines that you know of?” Doctor Sid asks as he works on the bandaging.

Don thinks back to his veterinary treatments at the training center, and the few times he’d gone for checkups when he’d lived with the professor. “Not that I know of, no,” he replies. “Usually if I needed a painkiller I’d just get a dose of, um...” He frowns, trying to call to mind the exact name of the drug. “Feloxiden, I think, and I never had a problem with it.”

Doctor Sid nods. “Alright. I was planning to give you a stronger version of Feloxiden anyway, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, if you’re still hurting even after taking it, I’ll want you to come into the clinic in person so I can do another couple of tests and prescribe you something stronger. But I don’t think you need to worry about that.” He wraps the bandage up past the swollen part of Don’s ankle and fastens it shut at the top. “There you go. Once we’ve gone, put the ice back on it again, and alternate it on and off every fifteen minutes so you don’t get too cold. But for now, you’re all done.” He smiles again. “Thank you for being so brave, Don. You’ve been a very good patient.”

Don blushes. “Th-thank you for your help, you’re a very good doctor...”

“I’m glad you think so,” says Doctor Sid, “and it was my pleasure.” He turns back to Joe. “Joe, can you help Don lift his leg up again?”
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Don lets out a soft sigh as Joe puts an arm around him and pets his hair. He listens to Joe’s explanation of why he has to go, what his job is, and of course it makes sense, given what Joe had told him earlier. And he doesn’t want to deny any other hurt kitties comfort by keeping Joe all to himself. “They’re very lucky,” he says, “having someone as kind as you to help them. You’re wonderful at helping.” He nuzzles Joe’s shoulder again. “I don’t think I could have been brave for Doctor Sid without you,” he adds quietly.

Joe promises to come back and see him again, and he sounds pretty serious about it. Don doesn’t think Joe is the kind of person who’d take promises lightly - he seems like he’d be very sincere about standing by his words, particularly to another catperson. Don smiles in spite of the pain. “Okay,” he says. “It’s a promise.” He’s relieved to hear that Joe doesn’t think purebreds are silly, as well. Don can only imagine how frivolous and spoiled they must look to other catpeople, so he’s glad that Joe isn’t judging him for it. “Thank you,” he says. He can feel himself starting to relax more as Joe holds him, his fingers stroking soothingly through Don’s hair. “I wish it didn’t matter so much to everyone,” Don continues. “I think we should all be treated nicely whether we have pedigrees or not.”