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Don Dogoier ([personal profile] moehakase) wrote in [personal profile] ajoeface 2012-11-29 02:26 pm (UTC)

Don lets out a soft sigh as Joe puts an arm around him and pets his hair. He listens to Joe’s explanation of why he has to go, what his job is, and of course it makes sense, given what Joe had told him earlier. And he doesn’t want to deny any other hurt kitties comfort by keeping Joe all to himself. “They’re very lucky,” he says, “having someone as kind as you to help them. You’re wonderful at helping.” He nuzzles Joe’s shoulder again. “I don’t think I could have been brave for Doctor Sid without you,” he adds quietly.

Joe promises to come back and see him again, and he sounds pretty serious about it. Don doesn’t think Joe is the kind of person who’d take promises lightly - he seems like he’d be very sincere about standing by his words, particularly to another catperson. Don smiles in spite of the pain. “Okay,” he says. “It’s a promise.” He’s relieved to hear that Joe doesn’t think purebreds are silly, as well. Don can only imagine how frivolous and spoiled they must look to other catpeople, so he’s glad that Joe isn’t judging him for it. “Thank you,” he says. He can feel himself starting to relax more as Joe holds him, his fingers stroking soothingly through Don’s hair. “I wish it didn’t matter so much to everyone,” Don continues. “I think we should all be treated nicely whether we have pedigrees or not.”

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