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Joe Gibken ([personal profile] ajoeface) wrote 2012-11-29 12:51 pm (UTC)

It's been a lot of information to take in over the space of a few minutes, and Joe isn't even sure he should be paying that much attention to it. For the sake of his job, yes. But for personal reasons? Not so much. It just isn't professional.

He doesn't even know if he'll be seeing Don again after the check-up, though he wouldn't mind it. If he were a more forward sort of personality maybe he would have been able to befriend other catpeople through his job and then gotten to know them outside of it, but he isn't comfortable with the idea of it. Sometimes the patients are too stressed or vulnerable to even think of attempting it anyway. Not that Don hasn't been both, but he's also in a safe home with an admittedcly very caring... not-owner.

Joe is unbelievably curious about Don's emancipated status. He'd known it was possible, but never met a catperson who could claim it. His situation won't be wriggled out of that easily, but it wouldn't hurt to understand it better anyway.

He can't possibly ask about now though. If ever. Joe just holds his tongue. He knew, of course, about Don being a purebred from the start, and he has even heard about their lives as show-cats. But everybody else made it sound like a prestigious thing; something to be envious of when you were just a cross, a mix. Don didn't sound like he thought it was good at all. Far from it.

It's something else Joe doesn't know as much about as he should. And he wouldn't want to bring it up if it would upset Don again. When Sid and Marvelous get up to leave the room he notices the way Don huddles in on himself a little. He reaches out again to touch a hand to Don's hair and asks, "how is your ankle feeling now?"

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