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Captain Marvelous, Priority: Food ([personal profile] foodispriority) wrote in [personal profile] ajoeface 2012-11-19 11:40 am (UTC)

Marvelous could just kiss Sid for doling out painkillers to Don; having to deal with the fact that Don was suffering for an extended period would have just about torn him apart. Watching him flinch and whimper but insist everything was okay regardless. Don might do some of that still anyway, but Marvelous will know he isn't suffering in such an extreme way as he would have been if they'd just fumbled through on their own. It's been well worth calling in the favour and potentially owing Sid one back for this.

(He would kiss Sid anyway, but that's beside the point.)

He is still so relieved at the way Don has been able to relax so easily in Sid's presence; a lot of that has to do with Joe, apparently, but Sid himself knows just the way to delight Don and make him feel good. He reaches out to pet Don's hair, and Don does love physical affection. It doesn't take him long to request it or accept it once he has warmed to someone. Once Sid pulls away again Marvelous can't help but want to pick up where he left off, reaching up to the back of Don's neck to push fingers into the curls at his nape and massage the skin there gently to soothe him.

It's at that moment that Sid turns to him and mentions payment, which of course he had been expecting. What stumps him, though, is the insurance part. His brain puts together the pieces pretty quickly: when people own a catboy or girl as a possession or pet they'd insure them the same way. But Marvelous doesn't own Don.

"I don't," he says smoothly, because it isn't a problem, he can afford to pay. And then, "I mean, I don't own Don, so I wouldn't have anyway."

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