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Joe Gibken ([personal profile] ajoeface) wrote 2012-11-18 01:05 pm (UTC)

It feels good to have put that look of relief on Don's face simply by saying he'll come back. Joe threads his fingers through Don's hair again and starts to stroke it. The next thing Sid does is to bandage Don's ankle up, so Joe just keeps moving his hand through Don's hair soothingly as he visibly tries not to tense up and keeps a firm hold on Joe's other hand. He doesn't whimper this time, so Joe suspects the method Sid is using to wrap the injury and support it isn't painful. He's quite relieved at that, probably as much as Don himself is.

That doesn't mean he's not still in pain from the injury itself though, of course. Once Sid is done and the bandage is fixed in place he asks Joe to assist him again in moving Don's leg, and so Joe makes sure to be as careful as he was the first time. He loosens his hand from out of Don's grip and the other out of his hair and shuffles forward a little in his seat again. He puts a hand just above Don's knee, and another below, partway between Don's knee and his ankle. Far enough from the injury and the bandaging not to put any pressure on it or cause any discomfort, but close enough that when he lefts Don won't have to put in too much effort himself to keep his foot elevated right to the end. It won't be for more than a moment anyway.

He glances at Don to get confirmation that he's ready before lifting his foot off of the cushion for the second time. He eases it as gently as he can and Sid is quick to reverse his actions from earlier, sliding to one side and placing the cushion down, giving it a quick pat to fluff it up again for Don's foot to rest on. Don only has to stand it for a few seconds before Joe is able to lower his leg again, helping him settle it back comfortably. It's probably going to be there for a little while now, so Joe thinks he'd better make sure that's alright for Don so he can help him shuffle it if it isn't. Better to get it right now than have to keep adjusting it later, it might aggravate his ankle.

"Are you comfortable like that?" He asks, hands still hovering over Don's leg so he can lift it again if he needs to.

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