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Don Dogoier ([personal profile] moehakase) wrote in [personal profile] ajoeface 2012-10-06 01:15 pm (UTC)

Don feels Joe move close to him again, so that he’s pressed against Don’s side, his hand laid gently on top of Don’s. A moment later Joe’s other hand is nestled in Don’s hair, petting him softly. Don sighs softly, taking comfort in both Joe’s touch and Marvelous’s. And then Joe’s fingers find their way to the base of Don’s ear and start to massage there.

“O-oh,” Don whimpers, leaning into Joe’s touch. Don’s ears are very sensitive, and he usually feels a little aroused from having his ears rubbed, but at the moment he’s too distracted by his pain for it to be anything besides purely soothing. He’s sure that’s all Joe means by it, too, because this isn’t at all the setting for courting gestures, so he tries not to be too vocal about how nice it feels. If not for the pain in his ankle, Don would probably be purring and content, with both Joe and Marvelous touching him so tenderly.

I know you can do this, you’re being so brave, says Marvelous, and Don lifts his head a little to look back at Doctor Sid again.

“Y-you can start now, I’m okay,” he says, holding tight to Marvelous and Joe to brace himself.

Doctor Sid nods and takes the ice pack off his ankle again. “If it hurts too much, please tell me.” He lays one broad hand on Don’s calf, above the swelling, and it actually feels kind of nice - Don can feel the strength in his hand, but he’s so gentle that it feels more protective than anything. He rests his other hand on Don’s heel, and it doesn’t hurt exactly, but it does make Don more aware of the vulnerability of his injury. “Are you able to move your foot at all?” Doctor Sid asks. “If you can, try pulling your foot back like you’re going to point your toes straight at the ceiling. Just a little is okay, you don’t have to push too hard.”

Don bites the inside of his lip and takes a deep breath. He does as Doctor Sid had asked, flexing the muscles in his ankle to draw his foot back slightly, trying not to whimper too loudly at how much it hurts to do so.

“Okay, that’s enough,” says Doctor Sid, his voice soothing. “You can relax it now.” He braces Don’s foot with his palm as Don relaxes. “You did great, Don, thank you for trying.”

Don takes another moment to catch his breath, tears pushing at the corners of his eyes. “D-did that help?”

“Yes, it did,” says Doctor Sid. “Because you can move your foot, and your ankle doesn’t out of place at all, I’m nearly positive it’s not broken. If it’s alright, though, I’d like to feel the injury for a moment, just to make sure I’m not mistaken. Would that be okay?”

Don nods. He definitely doesn’t want to risk a broken bone going untreated. “Yes, it’s alright,” he says, trying to sound brave, but his voice wavers a little as he says it, betraying his nervousness.

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