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Don Dogoier ([personal profile] moehakase) wrote in [personal profile] ajoeface 2012-10-03 02:33 pm (UTC)

“Joe,” Don repeats softly. Joe has a very nice voice - low and gentle, soothing to listen to. When Joe moves closer, Don wants to do the same, but can’t with his foot propped up the way it is. Instead, he reaches out his free hand and touches Joe’s arm, hesitantly at first but more confidently when he sees how receptive Joe is to his touch, feeling the warmth of Joe’s skin beneath his fingers.

Don feels his heart pound as Joe starts talking about the doctor, but what he says isn’t what Don had expected at all. He won't touch you if you don't want him to. That much is surprising in itself; Don had thought he would have to let the doctor touch him. He hadn’t thought he’d have any choice. But the way Joe says it makes it sound like it’s all up to Don, and like his choice would be respected.

And the fact that Joe works with him all the time to help the patients feel comfortable and safe eases Don’s fears, too. He’s never seen a veterinarian who had a catperson working with them; even when he lived at the training center as a kitten, the human doctors there had always worked alone. It’s reassuring to think that this doctor, whoever he is, would think about catpeople’s needs enough to want to have a catperson working alongside him.

When Joe asks whether there’s anything Don would like to ask him, Don isn’t sure what to say. Not because he can’t think of anything to ask, but because there are so many things he wants to ask he doesn’t know where to start! He stalls for time by moving his hand to the hem of Joe’s shirt and tugging it gently, trying to encourage him to come closer so that they can touch more. “Would... would he really...” Don looks up at Joe, his ears lowered submissively. “He really wouldn’t touch me, if I said I didn’t want him to?” He brushes his tail against Joe’s arm again. “And you’ll be here the whole time?”

He’ll be able to help you better if you think you could try, Joe had said, and Don is starting to think that maybe, if this doctor is as considerate as Joe says, and if Joe is here to help, he might be able to be brave and let the doctor examine his injury.

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