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"Sid?" Marvelous repeats stupidly; of course it's Sid, this is the office number he gave to Marvelous that one time with the thing about Catpeople in Need and Marvelous had nodded along and promised that if he ever came across any catpeople in need of course he would call Sid for advice or even for aid if they were willing.

He hadn't expected it to ever happen, but it clearly definitely has now.

His own phone is wireless; he'd picked it up and brought it back with him to be alongside Don as he made the call, but now Marvelous realises this limits what he can say. Not that he would ever lie, but perhaps he would have panicked a bit more had Don not been in earshot.

Actually, this is a good thing; would he really want Sid to have heard his hysterical babbling?

"Hi," he says smoothly, "I'm sorry to bother you but it's important." Good so far. "You know what you said about helping catpeople? That I should call you. Well, I know a catperson who needs your help. So I'm calling you."

Maybe it didn't sound as completely dorky and vaguely alarmed to others out loud as it does to his own ear. Marvelous threads his fingers into Don's hair to offer him some comfort as he speaks on the phone - and to keep himself from slapping a hand to his own face in disgust.

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