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Sid Bamick ([personal profile] handsomesempai) wrote in [personal profile] ajoeface 2012-09-16 04:41 pm (UTC)

It’ll take a bit of thinking to work out the scheduling for Joe’s trips out to the streets, and they’ll have to make sure he has things to take with him, like maps to the clinic and food to give to those who need it, but Sid is confident that they’ll be able to work it out. Between himself and Joe, there’s always a way.

They continue their lunch in relative quiet, focused mostly on their food. Joe isn’t much for talking and eating at the same time, and if it’s during work he tends to give Sid a look if Sid gets distracted from his sustenance. Sid has no idea how he ever managed without Joe, really. He’d always overworked himself before he had Joe around to remind him to eat and rest on a reasonable schedule. Some days he’d fallen asleep in his office before he had a chance to go home. That doesn’t happen anymore, now that Joe lives with him. They look out for each other, which means going home at a decent hour and having dinner together before falling asleep early enough to be well-rested the next morning. Sid knows this has improved the quality of care he’s able to give his patients, too.

In what can only be called a shocking upset, Sid manages to finish eating before Joe does. “This has to be a first,” Sid says with a smile, free to talk now that he’s finished his meal. “I feel like we should commemorate it with a plaque or something.”

Before he can decide what the inscription on that plaque would be - On this day, Dr. Sid Bamick stopped talking long enough to eat an entire sandwich, perhaps - his desk phone rings. It hadn’t rung in the reception; someone is calling his direct line. If Sid hadn’t already finished eating, Joe would have lunged for the phone to keep him from answering when he still had food left, but Joe still has a bite of sandwich in his mouth anyway. Sid picks up the receiver and presses the button for his direct line.

“This is Dr. Sid Bamick speaking,” he says in his most businesslike tone, as if he hadn’t just been talking about having a plaque made to commemorate himself eating a sandwich. “How can I help you?”

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