Joe Gibken ([personal profile] ajoeface) wrote 2012-09-16 03:44 pm (UTC)

Joe can't help feeling guilty in a way sometimes; when he sees less fortunate catpeople in the clinic than himself. He knows it isn't his fault any of them are in the situations they're in, but he hadn't suffered too badly considering he had been on the streets for months. He doesn't help out at the clinic to assuage his guilt, he just wants to make things better in any way that he can for the catpeople who have been dealt some harsh hands in life. 

He had known from the start that Sid would support him in this, but it feels pretty wonderful to have that hand on top of his, reassuring him. Sid never hesitates to do things like that - physically; unmistakably. Joe lets the corners of his mouth curve up in a small smile as he looks back at Sid. 

"I just want to help," he says simply. "I know it will mean more work, but."

He stops himself; he proposed the idea, Sid said they will make it work, it's that simple. If he starts picking holes in it now they won't finish eating. Even Sid is being sensible about that right now, Joe can't ruin it. 

"-but we'll figure it out," he finishes softly. "Later." He would hate to distract Sid so he makes sure his tone is suitably final. He picks up his sandwich again and dismisses everything else. And when he bites into his food this time he isn't too preoccupied to enjoy it. 

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