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Sid Bamick ([personal profile] handsomesempai) wrote in [personal profile] ajoeface 2012-09-16 02:34 pm (UTC)

Sid smiles to himself when Joe reminds him of how they’d met, and of the first time Joe had come to the clinic. It had taken weeks of coaxing, mostly through chance encounters, and it had all been worthwhile to see him come into the reception at last. To see him accept the help that Sid had been trying to give him for so long. Sid couldn’t be happier that Joe wants to make that help accessible to as many catpeople as possible.

It’s a little surprising to hear Joe say so much about what his life on the streets had been like, since he doesn’t usually talk about it at all, but what he has to say is reassuring. He hadn’t felt unsafe, hadn’t been alone. Sid knows that catpeople prefer living in groups to living alone, though there are some strays who keep to themselves. And it’s good to hear that he hadn’t been afraid of being caught by humans, wasn’t hurt by them during his time on the street. He’s seen plenty of patients who hadn’t been so fortunate. It’s the last part, when Joe says that living there had worn him down, that makes Sid’s heart ache; he knows the look of exhaustion that strays have all too well.

“I’m glad you didn’t feel unsafe,” says Sid. “And I’m even more glad that you trusted me then.” He reaches across the desk to lay a hand on top of Joe’s. “I’m glad you’re here now, Joe, and that you don’t have to live like that anymore.” He squeezes Joe’s hand gently and smiles. “If you’re comfortable with going out there, I’ll back you up all the way. Thanks for volunteering to do it; I think it’ll make a big difference.”

He lets go and picks up his own sandwich. “We can get the details worked out after lunch, I think.” He takes a bite and chews, relishing in the taste after going without food since their early morning breakfast. They always make their sandwiches hearty, with lots of meat and vegetables, so that they can make it practically a whole meal in case they don’t have time to eat much else. They’re not usually busy at this time of day, but they never know when an emergency might arise.

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