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Sid Bamick ([personal profile] handsomesempai) wrote in [personal profile] ajoeface 2012-09-16 12:39 pm (UTC)

Sid listens carefully when Joe starts to speak, his eyes widening a little as he hears Joe’s idea. There are a lot of catpeople who come in for the walk-ins, but Sid and Joe both know that there are many more out on the streets in need of care who don’t even know that there’s a place where they can get treated for free. Sid has always done his best to spread the word, but most strays are distrustful of humans, and rightly so. They’d be much more likely to trust the word of another catperson.

“I think that’s a great idea,” he says, smiling at Joe. Joe has always taken so much initiative to help other catpeople, and Sid can’t help but feel moved by that, especially knowing what kind of place Joe used to live in. “You’d be much better at convincing the people who need this place the most to come here than I ever was. And it’d be good to get follow-ups, like you said.” He rinses the soap from his hands. “I need you here, too, but if it was just once a week... You could go in one of the afternoons, when we’re not so busy.” Most afternoons are appointment-only, and the appointment patients usually don’t need as much calming as the walk-ins and the emergency patients. Joe has been invaluable for helping the more distraught patients feel safe inside the examination room.

Sid dries his hands on a paper towel and drops it in the nearby wastebasket. He walks back into his office and sees the sandwiches they’d made that morning already laid out on his desk. As he sits down, something else occurs to him.

“It’s a great idea,” he says again, “and I’m all for it, as long as it wouldn’t be too much for you. Would you feel safe doing that? I don’t want you to force yourself.”

Joe hasn’t talked much about his time on the street, so while Sid has a general idea of what it might have been like, he doesn’t know any specifics. Like if Joe has had any experiences that would lead to him feeling unsafe going out there on his own, even just for an afternoon. Sid doesn’t want Joe going into any situation that could trigger unpleasant memories for him.

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