Joe Gibken ([personal profile] ajoeface) wrote 2012-09-16 11:44 am (UTC)

Joe nods curtly and walks over to remove the cover from the examination table and change it. Walk-in days can be tough sometimes; seeing an injury and knowing how easily it could have been treated already if the catperson had only been able to get to the clinic. Most of the catpeople on the streets don't even know about the clinic; Sid tries to spread the word (Joe knows that from experience, of course), but plenty of them make themselves scarce before a human scent can draw too close, so he can't get to know them. 

Joe has been thinking about it for a little while now; he doesn't do things rashly, and he's dealt with so much change that it hasn't always been at the forefront of his mind. He is definitely needed where he is at the clinic, providing comfort to catpeople who are more unsure or afraid, but maybe it wouldn't hurt once in a while to get back out onto the streets and see if he can't encourage some of the catpeople there in need to visit the clinic, the way Sid did for him. 

When he's done Joe joins Sid by the sink to wash his hands before eating. He's not sure exactly how to bring it up; he already has to remind Sid to stop for meals and this is only going to bring more work onto them. Unless they could find a way to hire more staff to handle the workload. But if they're more walk-in patients they won't be paying-

"I think if I went onto the streets sometimes - maybe once a week? - I could check on some of the walk-in patients..." Joe says; they've both spent time wondering about the ones who couldn't make a promise to come in for a follow-up. "And maybe convince others to come in the first place."

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