ajoeface: (smirky)
Joe Gibken ([personal profile] ajoeface) wrote 2012-09-29 02:09 pm (UTC)

Joe smirks briefly to himself; he doesn't even need to say what he's thinking for Sid to understand it and answer the unspoken question. It makes perfect sense for Sid not to have known, then, something as important as that. Not to mention that Sid himself probably hasn't been spending as much time at the coffee shop himself lately, not like he used to. He's a doctor so he should know better than anyone the dangers of too much caffeine! Joe never nags, he just isn't good at hiding his disapproval sometimes. His disapproval of Sid not getting enough sleep, which isn't so much of an issue at all these days.

He feels his ears twitch at the mention of something else he hadn't been about to say out loud, but would never neglect. The possiblity of abuse. Especially with Sid knowing this person, it makes it an even more tense subject; you can think you know someone in some respects, but they can still surprise you in others.

"Of course," Joe says in reply. In his case the initial scent when he walks into a room, whether it be someone's home or in the clinic, can be incredibly telling. Humans might talk about being able to smell a lie on someone, but Joe knows that for catpeople deceit really does have a way of permeating a room with its stench.

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