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Joe Gibken ([personal profile] ajoeface) wrote 2012-09-29 01:21 pm (UTC)

Joe nods shortly to Sid's words; they have a sort of routine now when it comes to patients, so nothing more needs to be said in regards to it than that. Joe just needed to be caught up a little. Of course once they get there he will be able to size up the situation for himself and decide exactly how to proceed with this particular catperson - everyone is different, after all.

He follows Sid out to the ambulance; it's been a little while since they last did a house call. It's one of the few times they travel together by car, something Joe hasn't done a great deal in his life anyway, so it's still pretty novel for him.

"Someone you know?" Joe asks once he's inside and has buckled his seatbelt. It isn't that Sid doesn't maintain a professional manner; in fact to a person didn't know him well it would've sounded like the call could have been anyone, a complete stranger. But even if it's in Sid's nature to be kind and reassuring to anyone who needs it he wouldn't give out his direct office number to just anyone. Joe doesn't have to be a detective to have figured it out really.

And yet he says the patient is unfamiliar to him. Somebody he knows with a catperson he doesn't? It seems unusual, but Joe won't comment on it.

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