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Captain Marvelous, Priority: Food ([personal profile] foodispriority) wrote in [personal profile] ajoeface 2012-09-29 11:51 am (UTC)

Marvelous breathes a sigh of relief; maybe he is just that tough that he can handle pain through sheer force of will, but not everyone is the same as him! Sid will be able to give Don the proper sort of medication formulated for catpeople though. And the way Don describes the pain in his ankle might help Sid to diagnose him more quickly too.

Hopefully it's just an awkward sprain?

"A vet?" Marvelous repeats. "No. It hasn't really come up until now. And whoever he went to before he moved in with me isn't an option anymore. But he is a little nervous around new people." A little could be considered an understatement, but Marvelous is hardly going to talk about Don like he isn't right here. "That's why he'd rather be in a familiar place. And with me."

He's about to ask Sid if he will be expected to leave the room for an examination, because he has in fact listened to Sid when he talks and knows a lot of catpeople can't be honest with their owners in the room, but realises that even the mere possibility of that being voiced might panic Don. So he decides not to after all. Sid will just have to deal with it if it comes to it, because Marvelous isn't going anywhere.

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