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Captain Marvelous, Priority: Food ([personal profile] foodispriority) wrote in [personal profile] ajoeface 2012-09-29 09:44 am (UTC)

It probably isn't his come-hither demeanour that convinces Sid to come to Marvelous's aid, but that's okay. Just like this isn't the scenario in which Marvelous imagined giving Sid his home address (and anyway, it would have been Sid giving Marvelous his address and inviting him over in this hypothetical scenario, not the other way around!), but that doesn't matter anymore either. This is for Don's sake.

"Thank you," Marvelous says, another thing he isn't prone to saying to people much. And, "I'm sorry we're taking you away from your work." Not sorry enough to go back on the request, but he says it because Don definitely would if it were him speaking.

"He's calmed down a little," Marvelous replies to Sid's question. He feels awful for not even thinking of offering Don something for the pain, but-

"Maybe because we put ice on it?" he says. "To ease the swelling. And I thought that if doctors were going to be seeing patients they'd prefer to give their own medication?" He lowers his voice a little automatically, even though Don can obviously hear what he says; it's more of an attempt to hush his own ignorance. "Is it different with catpeople?"

He's practically asking Don this at the same time he asks Sid, looking his way for some sort of reassurance. Don might not even know himself; Marvelous is a human but he doesn't know everything a doctor does about the human body and medicine, so why would Don in regards to catpeople?

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