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Captain Marvelous, Priority: Food ([personal profile] foodispriority) wrote in [personal profile] ajoeface 2012-09-29 08:59 am (UTC)

It occurs to Marvelous that Don never did explain exactly what he had been doing when the accident happened; it had hurt too much, and then Don had been worried over the chair of all things. Marvelous had just filled in the blanks as he went along. But he looks at Don for confirmation as he tells Sid what he knows; Don would almost certainly rather leave it to Marvelous to explain right now than do it himself. He's still pretty shaken up.

"Don was getting some ingredients out of the cupboard for dinner," he begins tentatively, "stood on a chair to reach. And he must've slipped or something, and fell from it. It's his ankle. We don't think it's broken-"

Marvelous really doesn't want to finish up that sentence with, 'but it looks pretty bad' and scare Don at all, so he just says, "but I mean, neither of us are doctors."

There is so much he hasn't elaborated on still, but surely none of that is actually important.

"I don't want to move him," he explains. Sid could always just tell him to bring Don over himself, after all. "And Don doesn't want it either, so I'm not going to." Maybe this is just making him sound like a stubborn jerk. "I wouldn't waste your time over this though. Can you possibly take a look at it? ...Please?"

(Marvelous pretty much never says please to anyone.)

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