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Joe Gibken ([personal profile] ajoeface) wrote2012-03-27 10:03 pm

[Doppelgangland] CLOSED THREAD: Joe-Sid-Ahim, introductions and tea.

[Joe gets up off of the bed when he hears the knock on his bedroom door. It's around lunchtime on the Galleon, and that means Hakase has dished up something for Joe, and Sid-sempai too, just in case. He's been doing that for the past few days at every meal, and Joe always makes sure to thank him, and apologize for the one still-full plate from the last meal, and his own plate only barely picked at.

Today it won't be like that. Today Sid-sempai is awake, and he will be hungry, and thanks to that Joe can finally face food again too.

Joe opens the door and comes face to face with Ahim, which startles him, but he keeps his expression shuttered. Hakase brings the food himself usually, but Joe supposes he might be busy. It would be like Ahim to offer to bring it instead, if that were the case.]


[Joe holds out his hands to take the tray, suspecting that Ahim isn't going to let him get away with that. If she's curious about Sid-sempai he can't really blame her for it. Joe has been highly protective of Sid-sempai ever since they got him aboard the Galleon. It's not like the crew haven't all seen him, they just haven't spoken to him yet, any of them. He hadn't been awake properly until now.

Perhaps Marvelous, as the captain, should have been introduced first, but Joe decides if it is going to be anyone he would rather it was Ahim. She's gentle, tactful, soft-spoken. She has an ability to make people feel at ease immediately. Joe would definitely much rather it was her.

He looks down at the tray properly for the first time, because it's easier than admitting he actually wouldn't mind if she wanted to come in, and notices the pot of tea and cups he didn't see before alongside the food.]

You made tea?

[The gestures touches him; Ahim was at his side the moment Sid-sempai woke up, and now she has prepared something for him all by herself. Joe's not actually sure what Sid-sempai will make of Earth tea, but he will appreciate the fact that she did it for him nonetheless, so it's not a problem.

He really can't not let her in now.

Joe steps back awkwardly, pulling the door open wider so that Ahim will be able to get through with the tray in hand. He turns to look Sid's way.]

Sempai, this is Ahim. Princess Ahim de Famille, of the planet Famille. Her home planet was destroyed... by the Zangyack.

[Joe takes no responsibility for anything the Zangyack do now, or ever did. Not anymore, not knowing that he refused his first ever official orders. He was never complicit in anything they did.

He's not sure Sid-sempai will feel the same way. He's not even sure he should have revealed all of that about Ahim so quickly, but it's important; who she is is important, and he wants Sid to know that. He wants Ahim to know she can trust Sid with this knowledge, too. And most of all he wants to be able to imply these things without actually having to say them.]

Ahim, this is Sid-sempai.

[In contrast, Sid-sempai requires very little introduction. Ahim has been there for so much of what happened, right beside Joe. She's aware of a lot more about Joe's close friendship with his sempai than he would've chosen to share voluntarily.

He knows she will remember, though, that yesterday when Marvelous had enquired after Sid since waking Joe had admitted to them all that Sid couldn't see.

Joe waits for her to step right into the room so that he can shut the door behind Ahim. There is a chair beside his bed that the crew all know full well he hasn't been using because he has been perched on the edge of his bed the entire time, so she has a spot of her own to sit in comfortably.

Joe feels his stomach twist suddenly. It seemed like a smart idea when he first thought about it, but now that he has the two most important people to him in the same room at the same time and about to talk to each other he can't help but panic. It's irrational to think such a thing, but what if for some reason they don't like one another?]